Bulk Registration

Add, delete or modify users using a CSV file or an Excel file.

Download file.

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(2) Edit file

The first row of the file is the column heading.
The meaning of each column is as follows.

PID Leave blank when registering a new user.
Name Specify name.
User ID Specify the User ID to log in.
Initial Password Specify the initial password to log in (Password must be at least 8 characters).
Teacher When setting a user as a teacher, specify 1.
Admin When granting administrator privileges, specify 1.
Deleted When deleting a user, specify how to handle existing shared/personal boxes, class notes and audio files which the user owns (in this case only the value of the PID column is used).
If you want to transfer the items, specify the PID of a new owner. If you want to delete them, specify 1 (in this case class notes and shared boxes that the user owns will be permanently deleted).
Class ID Specify a key for this class.
ID Number Specify ID Number for this class. Specify "Homeroom Teacher" or "Vice Homeroom Teacher" to each teacher.
  When assigning a user to multiple classes, repeat "Class ID" and "ID Number".

(3) Upload file

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