Behavior Returning from Suspend Mode    None
Send Email Use
WebDAV Linkage Don't UseUse
Cloud Service LinkageStorage Service Linkage Don't UseUse
iTunes Linkage Don't UseUse
InOutBox Don't UseUse
Send to Application Don't UseUse
Print Don't UseUse
Save File Don't UseUse
Web Page Don't UseUse
Edit Web URL by Students  Restrict Permit
Save Photos to Album RestrictPermit
Leave Share Note Opened from Shared Drive DiscardLeave
Manage Devices  Restrict Never Restrict
Manage IP Addresses  Restrict Never Restrict
Manage IP address to log into Administrator Tool / Coordinator  Restrict Never Restrict
Auto Deletion of Notes  Never Delete
Share Guest Don't UseUse

User Interface
Recording Function RestrictPermit
Customize Navigation Bar Don't UseUse
Use Tabs of Recent Note RestrictPermit
Edit Student Screen Layout UseDon't Use